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For Employers

One-quarter of all workers' compensation claims in the United States are for back pain, and one-third of all compensation costs come from back disorders.

Backsafe® is an injury prevention training program that reduces back and other sprain/strain injuries in the workplace and lowers worker compensation costs.

It is designed to have long-lasting effects on your employees and to reduce costly injuries both on and off the job.

Dr. Janice Bloink is an injury prevention specialist and conducts Backsafe training programs on site, teaching your employees techniques to perform their jobs safely.

The two-hour workshop accommodates up to 20 people and covers:

  • Job site analysis/pre-assessment of your company
  • Design and customization of each workshop
  • Introduction for employees to understand the program and become motivated to be responsible for their own physical wellness.
  • Teach employees about their bodies and the correct way to use them.
  • Obstacle course participation - The main focus and "practical phase" of the program where bad habits are broken and replaced with healthier ones.
  • Backsafe® three minute workout - each employee is considered an industrial athlete and is taught how to perform a non-strenuous stretching routine before each shift.
  • Questions and Answers
  • Each employee completes a critique form to provide instant feedback on the success of the program
  • Commitment - Employees personally commit to using the Backsafe® principals at work and in life.

Contact our office to schedule a program at your office location.

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